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Protect your uncircumcised son.
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Below are the 2 most recent journal entries recorded in Parents and Protectors of Intact Boys' LiveJournal:

Thursday, September 17th, 2009
10:04 am
Monday, April 16th, 2007
2:20 am
This makes me sick. My son is this boy's age. I can't imagine something like this happening to him, though for a long time I had the somewhat irrational fear that my son's father would do this to him at some point when he had him (we're divorced and have joint custody) but luckily for me and my son, he doesn't care. I can't believe that this father would put his religion before his own child, and that a doctor would force this on an unwilling child (but I guess doctors have to operate on unwilling children all the time) - and parents and doctors do it to babies all the time, it's just in this case the "baby" is old enough to say NO! If only all babies were able to say it so clearly. (Side note, there's also an excellent rebuttal to the "circumcision prevents AIDS" theory on the DOC website.)

Forced genital mutilation? Nahhhhh. Couldn't happen here in the good old USofA! Or could it?

From John Geisheker of Doctors Opposing Circumcision:

You have a unique opportunity to assist with a legal case in Oregon. An Oregon father, (an attorney), is planning on converting to Judaism and wants his now 12 year-old son, "Misha" of whom he has custody, circumcised against the child's express will. Sadly, a physician / congregant has already been found who is willing to ignore Misha's wishes and oblige the father. The rabbi insists on it. Misha is deeply afraid of his father.

An attorney working pro bono publico has donated more than $20,000 of his time to assisting the mother to block the circumcision in the courts. The case is now on its way to the Oregon Supreme Court after losses at both the trial level and an intermediate appellate court. Judges have affirmed, without reasoning or testimony, that the non-medical circumcision of a 12 year-old is "within the discretion of the custodial parent". There is no medical necessity alleged at all by anyone.

If you want to assist, I urge you to make a tax-deductible donation to Doctors Opposing Circumcision, in Misha's name, to be used solely for his legal fees and costs. I will supply you with much more detail by pdf if you have a sincere wish to help. Even small sums, the cost of a restaurant meal, $25, $50, will help if enough people chip in, but if you can afford more, that would be deeply appreciated by the boy and his mother who cannot afford to oppose the father.

This is the clearest case of a parent's claimed religious beliefs trumping a child's right to an intact body that I have seen in 26 years of practicing law. It fairly screams out for justice, but justice costs.

PLEASE feel free to re-post this to websites and bulletin boards where intactivists and sympathetic souls visit.


John V. Geisheker, JD, LL.M.
Attorney-at- Law,
Executive Director,
Doctors Opposing Circumcision
www.DoctorsOpposing Circumcision. org
1727--14th Ave., Suite #5
Seattle, WA 98122
Tel / fax +1. 206. 568. 0566
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